Our Association

History of the Association


The Whitby Stamp Group was founded many years ago with members Jim Stevenson, Don Beaumont and John Cook as founding members.


A year later, the current spokesperson of our association, Larry Friend, joined the Whitby Seniors Group and shortly after formed the Oshawa Group with the help of the Whitby group, which has grown to a very successful club.


Two years ago Jim Stevenson spear headed the growth of our 3rd club "Brooklin" - which meets on Tuesday evenings. Brooklin was started to enable people who work to be able to enjoy their hobby in a club setting - again - very successful club growth.


This in turn gave everyone - in the three groups the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas in a constructive manner.


The Association quickly turned into an important part of our members' lives - with many new friendships formed.


Between both associations we boast over 100 members - with weekly attendance ranging from 60 to 75 memebers - remarkable for a group just 17 years old.