Our Friday Group Meets at

1661 Harmony Rd. North in Oshawa

We meet at Del Park Centre

Friday mornings from 10:15 am to 12 noon


This group is particularly popular with average weekly attendance of 40 to 60  women and men - members come from as far away as 120 miles to attend


We meet every Friday throughout the year



All locations are held in Seniors Buildings - members are 55 and older - younger guess are welcomed.


At all groups the main theme is buy and sell - members are encouraged to bring in their extras - collections - accumulations etc. - to sell to the hungry members.


We hold 4 Live Auctions yearly two (450 lots) and two (250 Lots)

Our Monday group meets at

801 Brook St. in Whitby

We meet at the Whitby Seniors Centre

8.30 am to 11.30 am

This group operates all year - with attendance from 15-20 participants


Our Tuesday group meets at

8 Vipond Rd. Brooklin, Ont.

We meet at the Brooklin Library and Seniors Centre

TUESDAY EVENINGS From 5 pm to 7.30 pm

This group operates all year - with attendance from 20-25 participants

How to Find Us